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Over 30 years of family mediation experience. 

Mediation services you can trust
How can Thames Valley Family Mediation help me?

Thames Valley Family Mediation has been consistently delivering excellence in family mediation for more than 30 years.


We are affiliated to National Family Mediation (NFM), one of the leading bodies on the Family Mediation Council (FMC). As the governing body of family mediation the FMC is responsible for setting and maintaining standards in the profession.


All our mediators are trained by NFM, recognised by the FMC and meet the ongoing continuing professional development requirements of that body.


The service has a Family Mediation Contract with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide free mediation to those entitled to it.


All types of people, families, and situations.

When relationships break down it is often difficult to talk to each other. Mediation provides:

  • a safe & confidential environment

  • help to those separating or separated

  • a way through family problems

  • agreement on financial and on parenting issues

  • help with property matters

  • faster and less stressful solutions

  • 4 in 5 mediations reach agreements on all or the majority of issues brought to us. 

Mediation explained

Want to understand more about mediation and how it can help? Watch this useful guide to mediation.

Who do we help?

All types of families or couples going through separation or divorce. People like:

  • married and co-habitating couples (still living together or separated)

  • same sex couples

  • civil partners

  • other family members involved in disputes concerning children such as grandparents/siblings

Your feedback 

“The Mediator was approachable, fair and very calm. He offered huge support in the sessions and when there were some changes required to the Memorandum of Understanding he gave up considerable time to discuss and resolve it – we were both very grateful.”

“Our mediator kept control of all the meetings and arguments were reduced. She made the process much easier than I thought it would be.”

“Just a thank you to the Mediator for being patient and mindful, for allowing me to be heard and in turn helping the situation to move forward, many thanks”

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