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We’ve been delivering excellence in family mediation for over 30 years. As the region’s largest, most experienced team of family mediation specialists we can provide the cost-effective solution to your negotiation and decision-making needs.

All our mediators:

  • Meet the highest national standards for family mediation

  • Are legally trained

  • Deliver services that are Quality Assured

  • Receive on-going training, development and supervision to ensure that the ‘Gold Standard’ of quality in family mediation is maintained.


Your family mediation Assessment

The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) lasts around 45 minutes and it gives you the chance to meet the mediator and decide together with him or her if mediation could be helpful. 

All MIAM meetings are solo, confidential, and held via Zoom.

From January 2016, only a Family Mediation Council Accredited Family Mediator is authorised to sign your court application forms. No other Mediators are allowed to do so as they don’t conform to agreed high quality practice standards. 


Financial mediation 

Many of our clients only need to mediate on financial or property issues.


TVFMS mediators are qualified to the highest national standards and can provide expert financial mediation, no matter how complicated the financial circumstances. 

Our mediators routinely deal with financial matters such as:

  • Property

  • Pensions

  • Investments

  • Companies

  • Debts

  • Maintenance, etc.

Family mediation 

We know that feelings often run high and that the majority of our clients are at a distressing time in their lives. Getting to a resolution, being able to start to move forward – this is what our mediators have helped thousands of clients to achieve.


Our mediators chair joint meetings so that clients can have effective, productive conversations about what will happen next.


Mediators record the decisions; explore thinking and reasoning and provide a forum for clients to make informed and free decisions with full sight of relevant information plus external advice as needed. 

Child inclusive mediation

The major decisions affecting your children are likely to be:

  • Where they will live

  • What arrangements will be made for them to spend time with each parent and other relatives

  • Special provisions, if any, which might need to be made about such matters as education, religion and health

  • The level of financial support required to meet their needs

  • How can they be appropriately consulted

The mediator will help you build on your relationship as parents so you can focus more effectively on your children's needs.
For more details about how this works, please go to the website section on ‘Your child’s voice in mediation’.

Your feedback 

“The Mediator was approachable, fair and very calm. He offered huge support in the sessions and when there were some changes required to the Memorandum of Understanding he gave up considerable time to discuss and resolve it – we were both very grateful.”

“Our mediator kept control of all the meetings and arguments were reduced. She made the process much easier than I thought it would be.”

“Just a thank you to the Mediator for being patient and mindful, for allowing me to be heard and in turn helping the situation to move forward, many thanks”

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