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Kids first

A unique adult learning programme that supports parents during their separation/divorce while focusing on the needs of their children.


Our 2-hour workshops offer something new for separated parents - an opportunity to participate in a learning activity, as well as the chance to share their information and experiences within a supportive, confidential environment - all at an affordable, not-for-profit fee. 


Becoming a separated parent is a dramatic change and it  takes time to adapt.  Whilst dealing with the emotional issues and challenges, many parents find it difficult to maintain an effective co-parenting relationship with their former partner, which can have a negative impact on their children.

Our specialist experience working in family mediation allows us keen insights into the complexities of family breakdown and a deeper understanding of the plight of separating families today.


This allows us to provide parents who attend our workshops with the most valuable person-centred intervention at the earliest possible stage of separation, with practical advice & guidance when they need it most that is tailored to the individual ages of the children.

We also offer bespoke individuals sessions for individuals and couples to address your specific needs and personal situation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


How we can help

Whilst supporting parents to help them cope better, we indirectly help their children.


By educating parents, we raise their awareness and understanding of their situation, and, above all, of their children’s wishes & feelings during this very turbulent, chaotic and confusing time.  This helps them re-focus their attention, galvanise their efforts and strengths and regain confidence in themselves as parents again.


Children of separated families embark on an emotional journey of their own – a journey that can become even more treacherous in cases where parents become involved in legal disputes.


In the ensuing panic and uncertainty of separation, parents often rush into legal action and become reliant on the advice they receive from their respective solicitors to find a solution.


Instead of resolving matters, all too often, parental mistrust sets in and communication with the other parent may break down completely. Once this happens, unwittingly, many parents find themselves ending up in the Family Courts. They then become so drained by the stressful and often acrimonious process that they lose focus on their family at a time when children need them most. As opposed to gaining vital confidence and the skills they need in their new respective solo and co-parenting roles, they often find themselves locked in conflict and relinquish control of the situation and the chance to be the best deciders of their children's future.


Our mission is to help parents keep matters out of the family court and to protect their children from the emotional damage caused by such battles. When parents are unable to work together or agree on the simplest of things, they stop being able to provide the basic structure and positive input their children crave so desperately.



Please contact us on 01753 830770 for more information or complete workshop information enquiry form