How much will mediation cost? 

Thames Valley Family Mediation Service offers outstanding value.


  • Each TVFMS client is charged individually, based on his or her own annual income.

  • Each cost is per person, per session.

  • If a TVFMS client is eligible for Legal Aid then mediation is completely free of charge for that client, and there are price deductions for the other client too.

  • TVFMS clients who are not eligible for Legal Aid pay:

MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting)

An introductory meeting that every TVFMS client starts with; 

45 minutes if solo:

90 minutes if both

clients attend together

Total cost £92.50 per person

Joint Family Mediation Session


90 minutes mediation

(price includes the writing of the Mediation Outcome Summary after each session)

based on income, and per person see below

Income price structure

Annual Income up to £20,000 (before tax)


Price to pay per mediation session £97.50 per person

Annual Income  £30,000 - £49,999 (before tax)

Price to pay per mediation session £165 per person

Annual Income £100,000  - £149,999 (before tax)

Price to pay per mediation session £235 per person

Annual Income £20,000 - £29,999 (before tax)


with savings not exceeding £30,000.

Price to pay per mediation session £120 per person

Annual Income  £50,000 - £79,999 (before tax)

Price to pay per mediation session £200 per person

Annual Income Over £150,000 (before tax)

Price to pay per mediation session £250 per person

Annual Income between £0 and £29,999 (before tax)


but with savings exceeding £30,000.

Price to pay per mediation session £135 per person

Annual Income £80,000 - £99,999 (before tax)

Price to pay per mediation session £215 per person

Quick Start Mediation

Includes Joint MIAM and first mediation session at the same appointment

Price to pay  £140 per person

Additional Charges

We do not charge you if we write to you, email, phone or text you.

  • There is a one-off £75 per person charge for the Open Financial Statement which the mediator draws up for clients in Property and Finance mediation.

  • There is a one-off £125 per person charge for the agreed proposals document (or Memorandum of Understanding) that the mediator draws up in Property/Finance and All Issues mediation.

  • There is a one-off £45 per person charge for the Parenting Plan document that the mediator can draw up (if clients wish) in mediation about child arrangements.

  • Admin cost of producing C100 or Form A after a  MIAM only (i.e. no mediation)  £25 per person

  • Admin cost of re-issuing C100 or Form A (within permitted timescales)  £25 per person

Other things to know when making a booking
  • An appointment is booked and confirmed once TVFMS receives payment – all sessions are booked and paid for at least 5 working days in advance of the date the session is due to take place.

  •  There is an £80 charge for appointments that a client changes, or cancels giving less than five full working days’ notice. For clients receiving Legal Aid, in the case of non-attendance without the required notice, only one re-arranged appointment is offered.

  •  We accept payment via all major credit and debit cards (except Amex) and also via Bank transfer. We do not accept cash or cheques. For IBAN transfers, there is an additional charge of £10 to cover charges levied by our bank.

  •  Our prices are the same, no matter which of our venues you choose (where guidelines allow for 'in person' mediation to take place).

  •  Individual tailored services, such as co-mediation (where we provide a pair of mediators to work with clients on their case); mediation in a day, "shuttle" mediation etc. can be arranged and a clear price quote provided. Please talk to your mediator, or to our head office in Eton.

  •  Where the mediator and parents agree, TVFMS can offer mediation sessions to give a voice to children aged 10+ in arrangements that affect them. Such sessions are for the children’s benefit and are therefore offered charitably and completely free of charge. The feedback session to parents is charged at the agreed mediation rate.


  • Any bills that are not settled as they fall due, will incur a £5 late payment charge

  •  We review our charges annually with changes taking effect for all clients from January 1st each year.