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Are you worried about Brexit?

In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK is a fascinating read by Mrs Elena Remigi.

She says “Imagine you left your native country because you wanted to explore your neighbouring world and embrace the European dream. Imagine you truly believed that the European Union was your home and that, as well as being a citizen of the country you were born in, you were also a citizen of Europe. Imagine you fell deeply in love with your new country. Imagine you built a life there, married, had children, a career, started a business... You felt happy and totally integrated. You were at home.

Then one day, your new country decides to vote to leave the European Union, which means that all the rules you have built your life on are going to change. One morning, after years and even decades, you suddenly feel unwelcome, unwanted, betrayed. Your certainties, your life and your security are gone. Your sense of identity too. Through no fault of your own, you are stuck in a painful limbo”

An article written for Blaser Mills solicitors by Alice Crawshaw points out that “London has always been known as the divorce capital of the world. This is largely because of the fairness (or generosity) of her Courts but also because judges in England and Wales are some of the most professional and independent in the world.

You might not have realised though that every single divorce in England and Wales is founded on the jurisdictional requirements of an EU law, called Brussels IIa.

In times when there are more families living an international lifestyle across the UK and Europe, individuals benefit from the certainty of knowing that Court Orders apply to them and their spouses with a degree of consistency. In England and Wales, we are only becoming a more international country; 27% of children born in England and Wales are born to a foreign mother. Those parents and children will benefit from clear and enforceable laws, designed to protect them, across different jurisdictions.

The questions raised in the Justice Committee’s report concern what the alternative would be if we suddenly did away with the EU family laws. The laws in place currently ensure that a parent in England can be certain that the Court Order they

have will be enforced by Courts across Europe. That Court Order might be for the return of a child following a holiday, or the payment of maintenance arrears to support a family.

If the laws are not reciprocal between the member states, then the “divorce bill” will increase significantly for the individuals concerned, let alone the country as a whole”

How are you being affected? Are you concerned about the future for you and your children? If you haven’t already made plans you might want to consider meeting with a mediator and putting some agreements in place now. None of us knows how Brexit might change the way our Family Courts work, but we do know that talking about your options and planning for the future is a positive step you can take to be ready for any changes that may come.

Thames Valley Family Mediation Service is proud to have the biggest and most experienced team of mediators in the Thames Valley. Our friendly, affordable, professional service has helped thousands of couples work out a better future for themselves and their children. Call us today on 01753 830770 to find out how we can help you.

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