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Love yourself this Valentine's Day

It’s a lovely – if somewhat commercialised – opportunity to share some love if you’re feeling it. For many people it’s the one day when you might just stop and think about how you really feel about your SOH. Go and buy that card, send those flowers, cook that fabulous dinner if it feels right.

But maybe it doesn’t? Or maybe you’ve moved well past that point, and a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ is but a dim and distant memory….

On this day when it can feel that everyone but you is loved up, our advice is to stop worrying about finding love, or regretting the relationships that didn’t work, and start with a bit of self-care.

Here’s a few suggestions to start you off - give yourself permission to treat yourself and let your imagination go wild, but keep the focus on you and staying positive.

  • Take some time out – maybe grab a quick coffee with a friend, or make that phone call you’ve been meaning to get round to – you’ll probably both feel supported and less alone after just a few minutes nattering.

  • Have a long soak with some bubbles, or a shower with a bright fresh scented shower gel. Aromatherapy doesn’t need to cost the Earth and it definitely lifts the mood. It will even help you relax and sleep more soundly.

  • Watch that movie you’ve been saving, or search Netflix for something you’d enjoy. If you’ve got nothing in mind and funds are tight, go and raid your local charity shop – most have a huge selection of DVDs for a couple of pounds or less. Grab a snack and a drink, put your feet up, and ignore the world for 90 minutes or so.

  • In the same way, a good book can transport you. Find yourself a comfy spot, turn your phone off for an hour, and escape the everyday for a while.

  • If you don’t fancy being alone and you’ve got time to arrange it, maybe have a few single friends round. Enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your freedom to do just that.

  • If you’ve got the kids for the evening, you could have a heart-fest – make biscuits, cakes, pancakes in heart shapes, find some Hearty Craft Projects, write some silly poems.

  • And maybe if you’re feeling brave… about writing yourself a love letter? Think about your qualities – how would your friends describe you? Are you kind, generous, helpful, patient? What are you good at? Do you bake, sew, garden, mend cars, decorate? Are you great at helping with homework, can you always see the funny side of things? We’ve all got so many qualities, and it’s easy most days to drown in the negative. Make today a positive day and remind yourself of the good things about YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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