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We love feedback!

Sorting out the practicalities of separation can be difficult, complicated and stressful, but we aim to make it as pain-free as possible. Our mediators are trained to manage the process professionally, so our clients can focus on the outcomes that work best for everyone, without emotion, blame and recrimination.

Often just having a neutral person to guide the discussion is enough to clear the communication blocks and help move things forward.

We encourage our clients to give us feedback on how they found the process of mediation, and we read every single comment. It can help us to work out better ways of doing things, but often it reinforces the fact that what we do is really helping our clients.

These examples really made us smile:

"The mediator was patient, fair, impartial and professional"

"It was a useful way of discussing family matters with a neutral person, and helped us to clarify the situation"

"The mediator was very calm and helpful. He was honest and open and did not take sides, keeping us informed at each stage"

"The session for our child helped him to feel included, and it helped us to understand what he was thinking"

"The mediator had a very calm and professional style which really helped. He was direct but not overbearing"

"It wasn't an easy process but our mediator was very helpful and steered us through, avoiding the costs of court"

We'd be very happy to hear from you, for an informal chat about mediation and how it might be useful in sorting out your own situation.

Call us on 01753 830770 or email

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